Wed, 15th June 2022

3rd New Initiate for the year

Following on from our double initiation of a father and son at our April meeting it was great to have a faulous ceremony at our June meeting to welcome another initiate.  To further increase the strength of the lodge we also welcomed a new joining member 

Wed, 27th April 2022

Father and Son Initiated into the Lodge

It is always great to have a new initiate but it is something special when you have a double initiation , especially as like on this occaision it is a father and son.  To round of the ceremony we had an excelent presentation of the first degree tracing board.

Tue, 7th September 2021

We are back

On Wednesday 15th September the lodge will be meeting again for its first post lockdown meeting.  We will be undertaking the second degree.  It should be a very good meeting and I am sure the brethren will be pleased to be able to meet in person once again.  

Wed, 17th April 2019

Lewis initiated into the Lodge

For the first time in living memory the lodge initiated a Lewis into the Lodge.  It was a great occaision with a most excellent ceremony being undertaken to welcome our new Brother

Fri, 1st March 2019

Member honoured with Senior London Grand Rank

Its a great honour to announce that one of our members has been granted London Grand Rank Status

Mon, 24th September 2018

Promotion to London Grand Rank

It gives the Lodge Great Pleasure that for the secound year running one of its members has been priveledged to be Promoted to London Grand Rank

Mon, 24th September 2018

Sad Departure to the Great Lodge Above

As some of you are aware the funeral of the late W Bro Percy Baker is to be held on 1st October Percy spent more than 50 years in Masonry and was a stalwart member of Leyton-Lea.  Any brother who wishes to attend the funeral please contact our Almoner.


Fri, 21st September 2018

Thank you note from the Metropolitan Grand Inspector

Brethren I am happy to report we have recieved a Thank You Letter from our Met Grand Inspector, for they way he was recieved at our 300th meeting

Wed, 19th September 2018

300th Meeting

Just to confirm we had a brilliant 300th Meeting followed by a superb festive board.  It was a great occaision as not only did we undertake a 3rd Degreee, we also welcomed our Metropolitan Grand Inspector.


300th Lodge Room.JPG (thumbnail)

Tue, 7th August 2018

300th Meeting

Our September meeting is significant in three ways - firstly we will be undertaking a 3rd Degree, secondly we are having an official visit from Met Grand Inspector and last but not least it will be our 300th Meeting.

To mark this great day the lodge has specially ordered some engraved Firing Glasses to mark the occaision.  This should be a very special day for our members and guests.  

fire1.jpg (thumbnail)

The meeting will be held at Great Queen Street on Wednesday 19th September 2018

Mon, 21st May 2018

June Meeting - 2nd Degree

The lodge will be holding its next meeting on 20th June at Freemasons Hall , and at the meeting we shall be passing our recent initiatate to the 2nd degree. If any mason wishes to attend please let our Secretary know.

Wed, 16th May 2018

Visit to Nelson Lodge No 700

A number of brethren from Leyton Lea 1584 attended Nelson Lodge no 700 and were treated to a demonstration of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree working tools as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Tracing Boards.  It was a unique opportunity to such a demonstration carried out in a most excellent and memorable fashion.

Wed, 25th April 2018

Welcome to our new Initiatiate

Today was a very happy day for the lodge as we admitted our newest member, who was today initiated into Freemasonry.

A most joyful occaision with an excellent ceremony and festive board

Mon, 23rd April 2018

Visit to Lodge Sincerity No174

A number of Brethren from the lodge attended the 250th Anniversary meeting of Lodge of Sincerity No 174.  Lodge .  Lodge of Sincerity is the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother lodge of Leyton Lea.

The meeting was excellent and included a demonstation of a Freemasons Meeting at about the time of the Lodge being Founded.

Thu, 8th February 2018

installation of New Master and Charitable Giving

I am happy to say that at our Installation Meeting the Lodge approved that the sum of £100 be given to support a dedicated young nurse to travel and provide health care support in Uganda , for 3 weeks this summer. 

This request was supported by all the members of the lodge, and was particularly welcomed given that the young nurse in question was the daughter of  one of the Brethren.

The Lodge has also asked for details of the charity, so a link can be posted on our Charities Page, so any many of the lodge wishing to show their personal support can do so. This link will be posted as soon as the link is received. 

Thu, 8th February 2018

Installation of New(ish) Master

I am pleased to announce that on 7th February 2018 W. Bro. John Mayes PZ, LGR was installed in the Masters Chair of our lodge.  John has been an active member of the Lodge for many years now, and a great supporter of our Lodge of Instruction.

The ceremony was a happy and joyful event as was the Festive Board that followed.

I am sure all the brethren will wish John a happy and successful year as Master.

Thu, 8th February 2018

Sad Passing to the Grand Lodge Above

The brethren were saddened to hear of the sad passing of one of it's Honorary Members on Sunday 4th February 2018

Thu, 2nd November 2017

Lodge Member Invested with LGR

It was an honour today that a member of our Lodge was invested with London Grand Rank.  The ceremony was held at Great Queen Street , and aside from the Investitures a highlight was the donation , by London Freemasons, of a cheque of £350,000 to the London Fire Brigade towards two new aerial platforms , to enable much needed improved access to high rise buildings .

Sat, 30th September 2017

Visitors from Mercurius Lodge

Leyton-Lea were honoured to undertake a double 2nd Degree on behalf of Mercurius Lodge, as well as an excellent presentation of the 2nd Degree Tracing Board.  We were also happy to welcome a visitor from a Brazilian Lodge to our meeting.  A fun time was had by all. 

Wed, 16th August 2017

Recognition for Member of Lodge

It was great news to hear that a member of the lodge has been honoured  to be given London Grand Rank

Tue, 16th May 2017

Walking in Her Shoes

Thanks to the support of members of this lodge W.Bro. Marks wife, Pam, has raised nearly £100 for this charity, and has now completed her 10,000 steps a day for a week.  I joined her for her walks on Sunday and it was a lot further than I thought, she peeked on Wednesday last week when she did over 13,000 steps.

Pam wishes to thank all the brethren for their support, and she has the blisters to prove she has completed this event (oh and a record from her Fitbit)

Fri, 12th May 2017

Walking for Charity

W.Bro. Mark's wife Pam if raising money for the Walking in Her Shoes charity,  to enable women and children to get an education rather than “walking for Water”

In able to help with this, she will be walking 10,000 steps everyday for a week in May. she is now over half way through and has the blisters to prove it


 I should be most greatful if you could support her in her endevours for this worthy cause either by sponsoring her (on the form attached) or by donating directly to her fundraising page -


JustGiving sends your donation straight to CARE International UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Thank you for your support!


Thu, 2nd March 2017

Farewell to Len

The Lodge said its farewells to former member W.Bro Len, who passed to the Mansions above.

The Lodge and its members are known to have donated £230 to Len's chosen charity, so many thanks to all who contributed to the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, in memory of Len.

Thu, 2nd February 2017

Thank you note from SVO

Wed, 1st February 2017


On the 1st February 2017 W.Bro Graham Charters was installed as Master of the Lodge , and I am sure the entire Lodge will join me in congratulating him on achieving this honour.  I have every confidence the lodge will have a good year under his mastership.

Mon, 30th January 2017

Leyton-Lea helps new Aethelstan Court to be founded (Upminster Masonic Centre)

Thu, 12th January 2017

Member of Lodge Installed as Master of Guild of Freemen Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Thu, 29th December 2016

London Air ambulance

I am pleased to announce that Leyton-Lea Lodge  has been awarded Foundation Lodge of the MMC London's Air Ambulance Award  for its contribution to the appeal.

Well done to all the members of the lodge  

Foundation Lodge Col.jpg (thumbnail)


Wed, 16th March 2016

New Metropolitan Grand Deacon Appointed

Wed, 17th February 2016

New Lewis

Thu, 19th September 2013

Thank you note from the Metropolitan Grand Inspector

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